Call for Papers

Asian Theatre Working Group will be meeting at the IFTR Conference in Belgrade, 9-13 July 2018. In connecting to the Conference theme, ‘Theatre and Migration: Theatre, Nation and Identity: Between Migration and Stasis.'

When researching Asian theatre and its migration in the history or today, we should consider that Asia have constantly been moved in the history and undetermined borders remain problematic even today. Exercising Asian migration and theatres in Asia helps us to profoundly understand Asian theatre and its theatricalities. The migration has destabilized identity and geographical consciousness as if borders were temporarily suspended, instead of the current situation where the location of countries is inviolable and they are connected by an immobilized border. As there would be various topics of migration and stasis of theatres in Asia, we expect any topics on these concerns of Theatres in Asia , but not limited to. 

・    Migration and Stasis in Asian Theatres
    Interaction Migration and Politics in Theatres in Asia 
    Asian Theatres and Performances beyond National borders and Identity
    Asian Theatre in Exile, Immigration, Crossing Borders
    Spatialities of Asian Theatre and Performances: Shifts and Displacements
    Territorialization and De-territorialization of Asian Theatres
    Political Borders or Cultural Borders in/with Asian Theatres
    Asian Networked performances in any cities, regions and countries
    Inter or Intra- Asian Theatres and Performances in non-Asian cities
    Conflict and Accommodation on Cross-border Problems on/by Asian performances
    Transformation of Geographies of Asian Theatres
    Not limited to these conference theme

Besides the above, we are accepting papers on other themes and topics connected with any Asian Theatre and Performances. For more information of our WG’s research areas please visit our page of IFTR website and our own website. 

To present papers, send abstract max. 300 words via the Cambridge Core, by 15 January 2018. <>
The accepted presenters will write papers no more than 3000 words. The papers will be circulated to all members and participants before the conference. 

The finalized papers must be submitted by 30 June 2018, directly to conveners, <> and <>  . 

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Please note you have to be a member of the IFTR in order to submit abstracts. 

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