Meetings & Workshops

Jaipur Colloquium
Asian Theatre Working Group, IFTR
18&19, February 2017
Manipal University, School of Media and Communication

First Day, Saturday 18, February
9:30 - 10.30 Opening President of the University and other officials would like to meet the participants)
10.30 - 11.00 High Tea

11.00- 11:45 AnnaThuring, Finland
Haunted by Past, Negotiating with Past

11:45-12:30 TusharVyas, India
Theorizing Bhavai: The Travelling Gujarati Folk Theatre

12:30-13:15Tsu-Chung Su, Taiwan
Richard Schechner’s “Play” of the Ramlila of Ramnagar: A Case of Intercultural Border-Crossings and Encounters

13:15- 14:15 Lunch

14:15- 15:00 JackKekSiouKee, Malaysia
Integrating Improvisation and Dance Theatre; A Case Study on Choreographic Work “Last Song”

15:00-15:45 SirAnril Pineda Tiatco, Filippine
Producing the Original Filipino Musical in Contemporary Manila: The Nangingibang-bayan as Analogy and Compensatory Aesthetics as Strategy

15:45- 16:30
Chua Soo Pong, Singapore
Issues of Preservation and Modernization of Xiqu: Selected Examples of China and Singapore

16.30-17.00 Hight Tea and Book Release (ISTR Publication)

17.00 - 20:30 Light and Sound Show at historical Amber Fort excursion (subject to the availability of tickets, working out to get advance tickets)


Second Day, Sunday 19, February
9:30- 10:15 Youngjoo Choi, South Korea
Renegotiating with Contemporariness and Asianness -centering on the Opening Productions of 2016 Asia Culture Center

10:15- 11:00 Tapati Gupta, India
Oranic Theatre in India(tentative)

11:00-11:45RaviChaturvedi, India
Travelling, Displacement and Exploration: the Case of Mobile Theatre of Assam

11:45- 12:30
Yasushi Nagata & Mori Mitsuya, Japan
The form and content of theatre in Asia through travel and displacement

Closing & Excursion (City tour)

Asian Theatre WG, IFTR
Yasushi Nagata,

We finished Asian Theatre Working Group Colloquium 2016. We held a really intimate and lovely meeting at NIE, Nannyan Technological University, Singapore. We had 10 papers this time, every one of them was really suggestive and encouraged us to lead much deeper consideration on Asian theatres and performances, its encounter and problematics of Modernity and Tradition, which may be have shared between us, Asian 'Modern' Theatre and its scholars. Besides this, holding a meeting in Singapore has been our long cherished hope and finally came true. Singapore is an Asian multicultural city, so which is a symbol of Asian multi-faced theatres and performances. We had just 12 to 15 people this time, but we could not only meet but help each other develop, we expect to continue this gathering in future, too. So, looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm next time!



With less than a month until the opening of the Conference IFTR Hyderabad 2015, the Asian Theatre WG schedule is not yet updated, we have asked to update Asian Theatre WG schedule though. This is completely mistake of the committee.

Some people were anxious on this or asked us our WG meeting will be withdrawn or not. Of course we are going to hold meetings as usual conference. Though we are waiting for updating the schedule, we will announce the schedule in advance as below. We have five papers in Hyderabad, we will hold  Open panel in 7 & 8 July as the committee has guided to be held. It is open to all participants of the conference, but we will do the session as usual. It means, at first we will talk about the paper for ten minutes, after that we go ahead to discussion.

We are going to circulate all paper around on 25 June, as we will provide further detailed information, please wait for a while.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask us, anyway.


6 July

09:30-11:00Anna ThuringTransgressions,Transfusions, and Transformations in Kadampadzhipuram
11:30-13:00Mitsuya MoriThe Death of Shingeki (modern art theatre) in Japan
14:00-15:30Yasushi NagataGeography of Asian Theatre