Asian Theatre and War

Asian Theatre Working Group IFTR On Line Meeting, 9th January, 2021

9th Saturday, January, 2021


13:00 Registration,


13:30- 14:10  (US Time: 20:30- 21:10, 8th Friday)

Katherine Mazur, UC Berkeley

Pop War? Militarization and Activism in Trans Asian Popular Mediated Performance


14:15- 14:55

Lee Meewon, Korean National University of Arts

The Korean War and its Reflections on Korean Theatre


15:00- 15:40  (Taipei time: 14:00-14:40) 

Lo Shih-Lung, National Tsing Hua University

How Was War Interpreted and Represented on Theatre Stage? —— A Survey on Historical Plays Related to the Sino-French War in Vietnam


15:45- 16:25  (Indian Time: 12:15-12:55) 

Tapati Gupta, University of Calcutta

Your Name My Name Vietnam Vietnam


Break Time 20 minutes


16:45- 17:25  (Indian Time: 13:15- 13:55)

Ravi Chatruvedi, University of Rajasthan

War Inside: War Outside-Revisiting Nihilistic Undercurrent of Mahabharata

Through the play Andha Yug (Blind Age)


17:30- 18:10  (Indian Time: 14:00- 14:40)

Rajdeep Konar, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Ajitesh’s Response to Emergency: Theatre as Guerrilla War in Defense of Love


18:15- 18:55  (Turkey Time: 12:15- 12:55)

Sebnem Sozer-Ozdemir, Duzce University

Performance Challenging Heritage as a Form of Social Resistance


19:05- 19:45  (Brazilian Time: 07:05- 07:45) 

Paulo Ricardo Berton, Santa Catarina Federal University

The Artistic Use and Resolution of the Greek Concept of Agon in Contemporary Intercultural Japanese Staging