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    Sao Paulo

    Asian Theatre Working Group Sao Paulo Meeting ended successfully three weeks ago. I'm sorry for the delay. I was very busy ending semester matters and many meetings as usual. There were no many participants from Asian cities this time though, the meeting was really lovely. We learned and discussed deeply each topics and papers. Sao Paulo was multiracial city as you know, especially many Japanes...

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    Call for Paper IFTR Manilla Joint Conference Asian Theatre WG

    CALL FOR PAPERS Joint International Federation for Theatre Research Regional Conference (IFTR-Asia) and Asian Theatre Working Group Colloquium 2018 A growing interest in the body as a starting point of discourse is seen in the past decades. Even theatre studies has been involved on scrutinising the body as an important performance aspect. In Western theatre practice, physical theatre ...

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    Program Sao Paulo Meeting

    Asian Theatre WG Sao Paulo Meeting Program 11 July, Tuesday, 9:00~ 11:00   Meewon Lee De-territorialization of Traditional Theatrical Forms among China, Korea and Japan: the Joint Production of the Story of Choonhyang Galia Petkova Theatricalities of Power and gender in Traditionla Japanese Drama and Balinese Performance 12, July, Wednesday, 11:00~ 12:30 Kumara Swamy Making of THR MONKEY K...

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    Program Jaipur Colluquium

    TRAVEL and DISPLACEMENT in/with ASIAN THEATRE Jaipur Colloquium Asian Theatre Working Group, IFTR 18&19, February 2017 Manipal University, School of Media and Communication First Day, Saturday 18, February 9:30 - 10.30 Opening President of the University and other officials would like to meet the participants) 10.30 - 11.00 High Tea 11.00- 11:45 AnnaThuring, Finland Haunted by Past, Negotiating...

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    Call for Paper Sao Paulo Meeting IFTR, 2017

    Asian Theatre Working Group call for papers IFTR Conference at University of Sao Paulo 10-14 July, 2017, ‘Unstable Geographies, Multiple Theatricalities’ Asian Theatre Working Group will be meeting at the IFTR Conference in Sao Paulo, 10-14 July 2017. In connecting to the Conference theme, ‘Unstable Geographies, Multiple Theatricalities’, we would like to invite all members to submit papers on ...

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    Call for Paper JAIPUR Colloquium, 2017

    It’s happy to inform you next Asian Theatre WG IFTR Colloquium will be held in Jaipur, India, 18 -19 February, 2017. One of our colleagues, Ravi Chaturvedi kindly will be a host professor of the colloquium. The theme is "Travel and Displacement in/with Asian Theatre." This is connected with the theme, the tradition of Traveling Theatre, of Indian Society of Theatre Research thi...

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    Stockholm Meeting

    We just finished Asian Theatre Working Group Stockholm Meeting! The WG meeting was really exciting and greatly success. We received over 30 applicants at first this time, so we was forced to move many of these to other sessions, General Panel, WG curated panel and Joint panel with other WGs. It’s really pity we didn’t accept all papers in WG sessions, however, it became really useful, informati...