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Asian Theatre WG Program, IFTR Shanghai Conference 2019

8 July, Friday

①9:00—10:30Cities and Regions,
Chair: Mitsuya Mori

Hyun-shik Ju, South Korea
“Urban Regeneration and Community Theatre of South  Korea”

Yoko Saito, Japan
“A Situation of Vietnamese Theatre in 1980’s: Inverse proportion go urban population increase after the economic policy change”

9 July, Tuesday

②11:00—12:30Theatre and Society,
Chair: Yasushi Nagata
Priyanka Sharma, India
“Urbanized Post-Independence Indian Theatre Cultural Politics of Nationalism, Patriarchy and Caste Oppression”

Kumara Swamy and Jely Puthussery, India
“Theatre Scene in the Urban-Scape: A Study of the Theatre Practice in Hyderabad, Telangana”

Priyanka Chatterjee, India
“The Role of Urban Theatre in the Transition of Bengal’s Political Order”

Yogita Swami and Ravi Chaturvedi, India
“Performance and Intangible Cultural Heritage: Relook in Indian Perspective”

10 July, Wednesday

③9:00—10:30Intercultural thinking,
Chair: Mitsuya Mori
Rajdeep Konar, India
“Tagore’s Dakghar by the Abbey Theatre: a Contingent Intercultural Encounter”

Tsu Chung Su, Taiwan
“A Critical Assessment of Phillip Zarrilli’s Intercultural Approach in Re-Directing Not I in The Beckett Project”
④16:00—17:30Popular Theatres,
Chair: Sir Anril Pineda Tiatco
Tomoko Akai, Japan
“Takarazuka Girl’s Opera and Urban Rural Boundary”

Hsin-Chun Tuan, Taiwan
”Theatre, Performance ,and Popular Story of Yanxi Palace

Casey Elizabeth Avaunt, USA
“Sisterhood in the City: Creating Community Through Lion Dance Performance in Boston’s Chinatown”

11 July, Thurday

⑤11:00—12:30Tradition and Innovation,
Chair: Tsu Chung Su
Ming Yang, China
“Beauty in Exploring Kunqu’s Artistic Expressivity: With a Case Study of the Production Ban Zhao”

Wei Feng, China
“From Nationalization to World Theatre: Mei Langfang’s Strategies of Self-Presentation in His Visits to USA (1930) and USSR (1935)“

Liwei Li, China
“Intercultural Transformation of the Dance Play Sifan (A Nun Seeks Love)”

12 July, Friday

⑥9:00—10:30Problematics of the Philippines,
Chair: Ravi Chaturvedi
Olivia Kristine D. Nieto, the Philippines
“Tinarantadong Asintado’s (William Shakespeare’s Titus Andoronicus) the Nameless Fool as the City”

Davidson Gaa Oliveros, the Philippines
“The Legitimacy of Illegitimate Theatre in Manila: The Theatricality and Performance of Political Struggle in the City”

Sir Anril Pineda Tiatco, the Philippines
“Staging the Banality of Social Evil in Metropolitan Manila: Goethe’s Faust and the Allegory of the Contemporary Philippine Politics”
⑦14:00—15:30Theatre and Multilingualism,
Chair: Hayato Kosuge
Chee-Hann Wu, Taiwan
“A Home away from Home: Exploring Immigrant Experience through Puppetry”

Yasushi Nagata and Mitsuya Mori, Japan
“Japanese Dialect Plays”

Discussion for future

WG curated panel (GP) Kabuki and Technology

Ryuichi Kodama, Japan
“General Remarks on Kabuki and Technology”

Misa Umetada, Japan
“War Dramas and Technology”

Nengyang Chen, China
“Stage Equipment and Characters in 18th Century Kabuki”