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Asian Theatre Working Group Timetable(Dublin time)Monday 12th July

9:00-10:15 Opening

1 Hu, Yunjie (University of Sydney)“Theatre and Trade: A Study of Shanxi Merchants’ Sponsorship of Theatrical Performance at Temple Fairs in Late Imperial China”

2 Zhang, Weilue (Queensland University of Technology)“Approaching immersive theatre in China”


3 Chan, Wai Yam (Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education)“Staging ‘Ordinary People’ in Hong Kong”

4 Tuan, Iris H. (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)“Theatre Ecology, Nature, and Politics in Shakespeare’s Plays and Hold On, Love!”

5 Husin, Fazilah & Mohamad, Zulkifli (Universiti Putra Malaysia)“The New Development of Malaysian Islamic Theatre”15:15-16:45


6 Konar, Rajdeep (Theatre Research International)“Sentience of Rhythm: Precondition to a Sustainable Society”

7 Midhin, Majeed (University of Anbar)“Iraqi Theatre: A Niche in an Ecologically Political Sane Milieu”

8 Closing, Yasushi Nagata & Mitsuya Mori