Belgrade Meeting, 2018

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We were pleased to finish Asian Theatre WG meeting in Belgrade this July, thank you for all. The meeting was really productive. Fourteen papers were distributed at the meeting, they were really interesting and provoked active discussions. We could reconsider on contemporary Asian theatrical interaction among the Asian fields and enjoyed the discussion. The papers will be on the Web Site for a while, please visit the Site, if you needed. 

Announced at the general discussion in the final day, the anthology of Asian Theatre WG is now editing as hard as possible. It took a long time to finish this after gathering the papers, I’m sorry for this, but please expect this, we, Ravi and me, would finish soon. We are discussing about another new book, we will propose on this soon, too. 

As announced at the same time, the next Asian Theatre WG meeting will be held in Seoul. Professor Meewon Lee, South Korea, will kindly host the meeting at professor’s school, Korean National University of Art. The date will be 21and 22 February, 2019. Please schedule and join us. The further information and Call for Paper will be circulate later, please wait a bit. 

Thank you again, Manila Conference last February and the Belgrade meeting were really successful this year, we hope go to next step in future!