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Asian Theatre WG Sao Paulo Meeting Program

11 July, Tuesday

9:00~ 11:00Meewon Lee
De-territorialization of Traditional Theatrical Forms among China, Korea and Japan: the Joint Production of the Story of Choonhyang
Galia Petkova
Theatricalities of Power and gender in Traditionla Japanese Drama and Balinese Performance

12 July, Wednesday

11:00~ 12:30Kumara Swamy
Making of THR MONKEY KINGS: Experienceing Inter Asian Theatre Ciltures through practice
12:30~14:00General Meeting WG
14:00~15:30Sir Anril Pineda Tiatco
Performing the Contemporary in Manila: Representing the Domestic Helper or the Dilemma in Staging Social Problem Play
Raina M.K.
Bhands of Kashmir and terrorism

14 July, Friday

11:00~ 12:30Tsu-Chung Su
Fillip Zarrilli’s Asian Formula: A critical Study of His Psychophysical Approach to Acting
Yasushi Nagata
Trans-Geographical Trials of the Jokyo Theatre Comapny