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Jaipur Colloquium
Asian Theatre Working Group, IFTR
18&19, February 2017
Manipal University, School of Media and Communication

First Day, Saturday 18, February

9:30-10:30Opening President of the University and other officials would like to meet the participants)
10:30-11:00High Tea
11:00-11:45AnnaThuring, Finland
Haunted by Past, Negotiating with Past
11:45-12:30TusharVyas, India
Theorizing Bhavai: The Travelling Gujarati Folk Theatre
12:30-13:15Tsu-Chung Su, Taiwan
Richard Schechner’s “Play” of the Ramlila of Ramnagar: A Case of Intercultural Border-Crossings and Encounters
14:15-15:00JackKekSiouKee, Malaysia
Integrating Improvisation and Dance Theatre; A Case Study on Choreographic Work “Last Song”
15:00-15:45SirAnril Pineda Tiatco, Filippine
Producing the Original Filipino Musical in Contemporary Manila: The Nangingibang-bayan as Analogy and Compensatory Aesthetics as Strategy
15:45-16:30Chua Soo Pong, Singapore
Issues of Preservation and Modernization of Xiqu: Selected Examples of China and Singapore
16:30-17:00Hight Tea and Book Release (ISTR Publication)
17:00-20:30Light and Sound Show at historical Amber Fort excursion (subject to the availability of tickets, working out to get advance tickets)

Second Day, Sunday 19, February

9:30- 10:15Youngjoo Choi, South Korea
Renegotiating with Contemporariness and Asianness -centering on the Opening Productions of 2016 Asia Culture Center
10:15- 11:00Tapati Gupta, India
Oranic Theatre in India(tentative)
11:00-11:45RaviChaturvedi, India
Travelling, Displacement and Exploration: the Case of Mobile Theatre of Assam
11:45- 12:30Yasushi Nagata & Mori Mitsuya, Japan
The form and content of theatre in Asia through travel and displacement
Closing & Excursion (City tour)

Asian Theatre WG, IFTR
Yasushi Nagata,