We hope you already know that the upcoming IFTR Conference will be held at the Shanghai Theatre Academy from 8 to 12 July, 2019, in Shanghai, China, and that the theme of the Conference is Theatre, Performance, and Urbanism.

We, Asian Theatre Working Group, also will hold our own meeting for the paper presentations and discussions during the Shanghai Conference. As for the theme of our WG meeting, we follow the theme of the IFTR Conference: Theater, Performance, and Urbanism.

Those who wish to present papers at the Asian Theatre Working Group should submit the abstract, maximum 300 words, indicating Asian Theatre Working Group. I just quote the instruction for the abstract submission from the IFTR website.

All abstract submissions are made through the Cambridge Core website. However, in order to make a submission you will need to become a member of IFTR, first. Deadline for abstract submission: 7 January, 2019. Abstract submission via Cambridge Core. Abstract submission via Cambridge Core.
For the further detailed information, please look to the IFTR website.
If your proposal is accepted, your full paper should be emailed to the conveners, Yasushi Nagata and Mitsuya Mori before Thursday 20 June, 2019. The submitted papers will be circulated to all the members of our WG to be read in advance of the meeting in Shanghai. The paper preferably should be 3,000 to 3,500 words. The draft version is all right. The presenter does not need to read the paper at the meeting but presents only supplementary explanations about the paper, so that we directly go to the discussion on the paper. Each presenter will have one hour at least.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us.

Call for Paper Seoul Colloqium, 2019
After the Belgrade meeting of Asian Theatre WG, as Professor Lee Meewon, Korena National University of Arts, announced to hold the colloquium in Seoul, 21 &22 February, 2019. We have discussed about that and finalized the plan, we would like to open here to all to call for paper to the colloquium.
Theme is "Expanding the Boundaries of Theatre”. We know contemporary Asian theatre are diversifies into various kinds of forms,   approaches, procedures and themes. And also we know that many of these tried to cross the border of theatre in conventional sense. Of course, these trend or approaches are not a something new though, we should explore its meanings or function in Asian theatre fields today. We could recognize it shows some Asian-nesses in the phenomenon. And also as Performance Studies has explored some approaches of this kind of expanding the conventional theatre sturdies itself, we would like to include these contribution to our discussion. As Professor Lee Meewon kindly invite Professor Song Seonghwan as Key note speaker to the colloquium. He was a director of last Pyungchang Winter Olympic game, 2018, and will address about the Pyngchang Olympic Ceremonies. The talk will be really helpful to discuss our theme, “Expanding the Boundaries of Theatre”. Anyhow, we could think more broadly about the theme “Expanding the Boundaries of Theatre”, please submit and participate positively to the conference.  
And Professor Lee Meewon thankfully applied and got successfully the subsidy to the colloquium. So two days accommodation will be issued. But as the budget is  restricted, it will be 12 to 15 participants only. If the submissions exceeded the maximum number, we have to judge them. 
So, we like to hope you all submit positively abstract of your paper at first, the deadline is 30 November, 2018. Please send abstracts to us, conveners, Mori Mitsuya and Yasushi Nagata, and host, Lee Meewon, with your name, Email address and your institution on it by Email. As we like to set up the deadline of paper submission is 31 January, 2019, those who are accepted your abstract should finalize and send the papers to us also conveners and host before the deadline, 31 January, 2019. We will circulate those papers to all members as usual, please read them and prepare to discuss about them at the colloquium in Seoul. 
The schedule of procedure is as below;
Asian Theatre Working Group Seoul Colloquium, “Expanding the Boundaries of Theatre" 
Submission of abstract, 200-250 w. deadline is 30 November, 2018
Submission of paper, 3000-3500 w. deadline is 31 January, 2019
Colloquium, 21 & 22 February, 2019, Korean National University of Arts, Seoul
Please note,
As some of you know the announcement of next IFTR Shanghai conference, next July 2019, is up on cite now. As usual, we will meet in the Shanghai, too. As we will send the Call for Paper announcement soon, please keep in mind about this.  

We were pleased to finish Asian Theatre WG meeting in Belgrade this July, thank you for all. The meeting was really productive. Fourteen papers were distributed at the meeting, they were really interesting and provoked active discussions. We could reconsider on contemporary Asian theatrical interaction among the Asian fields and enjoyed the discussion. The papers will be on the Web Site for a while, please visit the Site, if you needed. 

Announced at the general discussion in the final day, the anthology of Asian Theatre WG is now editing as hard as possible. It took a long time to finish this after gathering the papers, I’m sorry for this, but please expect this, we, Ravi and me, would finish soon. We are discussing about another new book, we will propose on this soon, too. 

As announced at the same time, the next Asian Theatre WG meeting will be held in Seoul. Professor Meewon Lee, South Korea, will kindly host the meeting at professor’s school, Korean National University of Art. The date will be 21and 22 February, 2019. Please schedule and join us. The further information and Call for Paper will be circulate later, please wait a bit. 

Thank you again, Manila Conference last February and the Belgrade meeting were really successful this year, we hope go to next step in future! 

Program of Asian Theatre WG

9July, 9:0010:30      Theatre in Exile,  Chair Mitsuya Mori

Tsu-Chung Su, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Qibla—A Neverending Story of Migration


Meewon Lee, Korean National University of Arts, South Korea

The representative Korean-American Diaspora playwrights


Hyunshik Ju, Kyonggi University, South Korea

North Korean Defectors and a Theatre of hospitality


9July, 11:0012:30    Theatre in Asian Politics,  Chair Yasushi Nagata

Sir Anril Pineda Tiatco, University of the Philippines, Philippines

Revolution, Documentation, Condemnation: Toward a Genealogy of Political Theatre on the Manila Stage


Jessica Yeung, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

A Pan-Asian Peoples Theatre about the Pan-Asian Histories: The Works of Augustine Chiu-yu Mok, Hong Kongs most Famous Anarchist Dramatist


Jung-joo Choi, South Korea

The Encounter of Japanese experimental theatre with Korean Contemporary Theatre as in Kim Sujin, Oh Taesok, and Goh Sunwung


10 July, 14:0015:30 ③  Japanese Regional theatre,  Chair Mitsuya Mori

Kei Hibino, Seikei University, Japan

Theatre That Holds the Self-Reflective Mirror up to Nature: Japanese Local Amateur Theatre Reconsidered


Tomoko Goto, Tottori University, Japan

Potentials of Amateur Theater Production in Super Aging Society: A Case Study on Theater Activities by the Elderly

11 July, 14:0015:30  Tradition and Contemporary, Chair Hayato Kosuge

Michael Ingham, Lingnan University, Hong Kong,  Kaoru Nakao, Osaka University, Japan

Off, off, you lendings! Come. Unbutton here”: The divestment of authority and the cultivation of hope in Makoto Sato’s reincarnation of Lear with Mügen Nōh elements


Wei Feng, Shandong University, China

‘Nothing’ Reshaped: Eugène Ionesco’s The Chairs in Classical Chinese Theatre


Balakrishna Pillai Anandha Krishnan, University of Hyderabad, India

Classics in Post colonial Indian theatre


12 July, 9:0010:30 Asian Diversity,   Chair Anna Thuring

Sebnem Sozer Ozdemir, Duzce University, Turkey

The Aesthetics of Meşk: An Analysis of the Mode of Transmission in Traditional Performing Arts of Turkey

Ursala Maya Tangeberg, Swiss

The World and the Word in two Hands


12 July, 16:0017:30  ⑥ Asian Theatre in Memories  Chair Meewon Lee

Anna Thuring, University of Arts Helsinki, Finland

Between East and West? Changing Reception of Asian Performances in Finland


Yasushi Nagata, Osaka University, Japan

Representation of Manchuria in Japanese Post War Plays


Ravi Chatruverdi, Manipal University, India

King Lear's Migration from Tragedy to Happy Ending &Possibilities of intra-cultural (de)rooting


General Discussion: Future of Asian Theatre WG

As the conference committee has sent you acceptance Emails, you have received it, the IFTR annual conference in Belgrade will be held on 9 to 13 July, 2018. And also the Asian Theatre WG meeting will be held there keeping on plan. We have actually 16 papers in this time. The conference has set 7 slots of WG sessions during the conference, we are thinking to allocate all presentations to 6 slots, 9 to 12 July. It means, we should include two or three presentations in a slot, 90 minutes.

The way of the meeting is as usual, means, we explain briefly about your papers at first 5 to 10 min., after that we go straight to discussion on the paper. In order to do this, we should circulate our papers to all participants and read them in advance. So we like to ask you to prepare your papers and presentations as below.

The finished paper, or even draft is OK, but should be not over 4000 words and sent to conveners, Mitsuya Mori,, and Yasushi Nagata,, until 20 June, 2018. Please keep the deadline.

The allocation of papers is tentative so far as below though, we will have some cancelation just before the conference. As attached the conference program, we hope this helps to your trip or plan.

Schedule Tentative,
1st Session, 9 July, 900-1030
Tsk-Chung Su, Meewon Lee, Hyunshik Ju,

2nd Session, 9 July, 1100-1230
Sir Anril Pineda Tiatco, Jessica Yeung, Jung-joo Choi,

3rd Session, 10 July, 1400-1530
Kei Hibino, Tomoko Goto

4th Session, 11 July, 1400-1530
Michael Ingham & Kaoru Nakao, Wei Feng, Balakrishna Pillai Anandha Krishnan,

5th Session, 900-1030
Sebum Sozer Ozdemir, Ursala Maya Tangeberg

6th Session, 12 July, 1600-1730
Tapati Gupta, Yasushi Nagata, Anna Thuring
General Discussion of our WG’s future