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Asian Theatre Working Group Stockholm Meeting, Program

13 June, Monday
9:00~10:30Contemporary Asian Puppet and Marionette theatreLia Wenching LIANG
Taiwan, National Tsing Hua University
“March on, join bravely”: Wang Chia-ming’s first Journey with Shakespearei’s Richard III

Seokhun CHOI
South Korea, Yonsei University, South Korea
Breakdance, Video, and Stage Presence: The Role of Media in the Live Performance of The Marionette, a Popular Korean B-Boy Show
11:00~12:30Intercultural Asian Theatre Past and PresentShih-Lung LO
Taiwan, Paul Valery University-Montpellier III, France
From Adrienne Lecouvreur to Yun Caixia: Adaptation of French Well-Made Play on the Modern Chinese Stage
Tsu-Chung SU
Taiwan, National Taiwan Normal University
Asian Theatre or Otherwise: A Revisit of Peter Brook’s The Mahabharata
14:00~15:30Asian Aesthetic of theatre and PerformanceYingying XIAO
Chinese, University Normal of Nanjing
Who is and where is the real subject of perceive in the aesthetic process?
Republic of Korea, Korean Theatre Studies Association(Seoul, Korea)
Performing the Aesthetics of Zen Buddhism: Asian Performances of ‘Non-duality(不二)
14 June, Tuesday
9:00~10:30History of Asian Theatre and ModernityJonah SALZ & Rachel Payne
USA, Ryukoku university
Borders and bridges: adventures in mapping Japanese theatre history
India, S N School of Arts & Communication University
Nationalism, Modernity and Knowledge Production: Shaping the Terrain of Modern Theatre in Post Colonial India
Meewon LEE
Korea (south), Korean National University of Arts
Modernization, the pivotal turning point of Korean theatre History
16 June, Thurday
10:30~12:30Traditional Theatre in Asia Hsiao-Mei HSIEH
Taiwan, National Taiwan University
Experimental Traditional Theatre in Taiwan: The Emergence of Taiwanese New Xiqu

Fictive Femininity on Stage Physical Techniques in Asian Classical Theatre and Dance Traditions
Hyunshik JU
South Korea, Institute of Media Arts Culture, Kyonggi University
Traditional Korean Masked Dance Drama and Historiography of Emotions
Tove Johanna Bjoerk
Finland, Saitama University
The Literacy of an Early Modern Kabuki Actor – Browsing the Library of Ichikawa Danjūrō II
16:00~17:30Performing Asian Past and SocietyMaryam KOHANSAL
Iran, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz Branch
The role of theater in voicing Iranian history based on the analysis of Bahram Beyza’ee’s drama

Yasushi NAGATA
Japanese, Osaka University
Performing Asian Geographical Past: on Production of ‘Sealing Betal Palm’ by Karagumi, 1992
Kirstin PAUKA
German, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Contemporary Balinese =Wayang Listrik (shadow theatre) as an reinterpretation of the theatrical past: a case study of the UHM Asian Theatre Program production of “Subali-Sugriwa-Battle of the Monkey Kings”.

Joint Panel with Religion and Performance WG

Kumara Swamy GADDA
Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi(TSS), India
Mythical Narratives clad in Ritual Performance, Configuring community identity: A study of Mallanna Katha(Stories) of Komuravelli in Telangana, India

Sponsored Panel, Presenting Korean Past in Post-colonial Age

Meewon LEE
Jung Gyung SONG
Yonsei University, South Korea
The Diasporic Trauma as a Cornerstone of Julia Cho’s The Architecture of Loss

Ka-eul YOO
Yonsei University, South Korea
Politics of Remembering the Dynamics of GI Towns in Korea in Ilgopzipmae

Sang Woo Lee
Korea University, South Korea
To Challenge the Conventions in Colonial Korea : The Case of An actress Yoon Shim-duk

Moving to General Panel

Yasushi NAGATA
Tapati GUPTA
Calcutta University, Indian
Performing Narrative: Tradition & Modernity

University of the Arts Helsinki – Theatre Academy, Finnish
The Heroic Body of Asia: Reflections on Presenting Asian Warriors on Western Stage

Keio University, Japan
Staging Past Disasters with Butoh Dance: Ohno Yoshito’s “Flower and Bird/Inside and Outside” (2015)